Prompt Service

DP - London

(May 18)


Very good delivery

Mr M - Huddersfield

(May 18)



Mr S - Hounslow

(May 18)


A modern and convenient way of dealing with the nightmare of fitting covers over duvets. Well done to this company for facing up to the challenge of what, after all, must have been quite a simple problem. Why other manufacturers have not displayed similar initiative I cannot understand.

Mr T - Vale of Glamorgan

(Apr 18)



No problems would not hesitate to use this company again. Item a great benefit and easy to fit for people with sore hands.

Mr J - Solihull

(April 18)


So much easier

Mr B - Surrey

(Mar 18)


Good quality & excellent fit

JB - Fife

(Mar 18)


A Great Product

Anon - Suffolk

(January 2018)


Lovely quality, I am very satisfied.

Miss Watson - West Yorkshire

(December 17)


Totally satisfied. Recommend.

FD - Essex

(Mar 18)


I saw Easy-Fit advert on TV and ordered a strawberry superking. Had a speedy delivery and absolutely love this product. Where have you been all my life, you have made it so much easier to change my bedding and the strawberry pattern looks sooo good on my bed. Thank you so much. Will definately be ordering more.

Alison - West Midlands

(December 17 )


Thankyou Easy-Fit for my duvet set. I love it.

Pauline - Surrey

(December 17 )


My duvet set arrived promptly and was exactly as advertised on TV. I am very happy with this product and will be buying a few more as Christmas presents.

Sophia - Kent

(December 17 )


Excellent product and idea. I bought this duvet for my 70 year old mum who has limited use in one arm and she was over the moon that she is now able to make her bed unaided thanks to your design. Will definitely be recommending friends and family to buy this product. I also have purchased in the past for myself and bedmaking in my house is so much easier and quicker. Thank you Easy-Fit for prompt delivery.

Jane, London SE

(December 2016)


I bought two Easy-Fit Duvet Covers. One for me and one for my mother.We love our Easy-Fit Duvet Covers so much because its so easy to use.

Catherine, London SW

(October 2016)


Just to day I'm delighted with the bedding. My teenage son hasn't been able to kick off the duvet cover - a first!
Thank you for this great product.
Yours ,

(June 2016)


Hi Easy-Fit ,I just wanted to say that Easy-Fit duvet covers are brilliant and changing my double bed is so easy now.

Andrew -Somerset

(March 2015)


What a great idea. I have a super king bed and your duvet covers would make life easier. I love the idea of having one zip on all four sides making it very easy to change my King size duvet. Just love it!!
Anette - South East London
(Feb 2015)


Hi Easy fit ,I love my new Easy Fit duvet cover so easy to use.I no longer  am fearful of changing my duvet covers any more and i 've also brought two more.One for my mum who is 78 and one for my daughter who 21 and lazy so this makes sence.for her.I just love it. 

Tracy - Birmingham

{Feb 2018}